If there is one word to summarize neon, it is the word “art”.

It is one of the few surviving technology processes that is essentially entirely handmade. Neon has been prevalent since 1912 for the POS advertising application. Main reason being there is still no 100% substitute for the attention grabbing lit designs that catches the eye at great distances.

Neon Tech’s experience in neon has roots back since the 1950’s in CRT phosphor applications. Through endless and continuous innovation, Neon Tech today is able to produce the world’s best neon signs on the market. Some of these innovations include proprietary bombarding techniques, being the first to implement a solid state power supply for commercial neon, low mercury implementations, efficient gas pumping, and the most sophisticated quality control in the world for every manufactured neon tube to provide the best quality available today.

Always moving forward, Neon Tech has long recognized the importance of LED in the lighting industry since its introduction. Significant resources were allocated to pave way for this newer technology in the POS lighted sign arena to introduce a wide variety of products that exceed physical limitations of neon signs.

Some advantages include massive energy savings up to 80% compared to neon signs, non-neon aesthetics achieved by laser cutting, color shifting effects, and efficient smooth animation transitions.

Neon Tech’s experience in POS lighting transfers directly to the LED products to offer the cutting edge in the market today.

Being in the neon trade, Neon Tech has always a steady supply of neon components for samples and customer service for its manufactured goods. These supplies are sold wholesale to the public as a courtesy to help other neon shops/enthusiasts locate quality components at a good price.

Please refer to the links below for pricing and components available for purchase. All orders should be submitted via e-mail or phone inquiries. Money orders, personal checks, and VISA/MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted as forms of payment.

Feel free to send any inquiries and questions to neon_components@neontech.com.