Rocus International Corp. DBA Neon Tech Inc. has served the Point of Sale (POS) sign industry since its founding in 1981 and is now the largest POS signage manufacturer in the world with multiple manufacturing plants.

The company has proved to be on the frontier of neon and LED signage with advanced research and development serving old and new customers for the ever changing scene of advertising.

Currently, manufacturing of neon signage is done in Shanghai, China and manufacturing of LED signage is done in Wujiang, China. Corporate headquarter and customer service is stationed in Oceanside, CA USA and is dedicated to its customers with the best product quality, superior customer service, and bottom line pricing with in house manufacturing processes.

Located in Oceanside, California, Neon Tech is the official customer service corporate and distribution center for the entire operation of Rocus International Corp. Spanning 43,000 sq.ft, Neon Tech handles all distribution/storage of LED and Neon signs throughout United States with warehousing and dedicated fulfillment. Currently staffed with 25 employees, the team is dedicated in providing friendly and efficient customer service.

Located in the suburb of Shanghai, China (Jiading), Shanghai Rocus is the dedicated manufacturing plant for neon signage. Spanning 400,000 sq ft, Shanghai Rocus manufactures all neon signs with the utmost care in precision and quality control for the manual labor intensive neon sign. It is the only neon manufacturing plant in the world employing advanced production techniques like an automatic bombarding machine along with comprehensive quality control processes developed from over 35 years of experience. Currently Shanghai Rocus employs just about 200 workers to provide timely delivery and the best product quality available for all received orders.

Located in a grand 500,000 sq ft. lot in Wujiang, China; Wujiang Rocus is the newest manufacturing plant dedicated for LED signage. With the evolution of the LED technology, Neon Tech is dedicated to being on the frontier of technology for this exciting new innovation in the field of POS signage. Employing advanced equipments like wave soldering machines, brightness testing equipment, laser cutting machines, sophisticated thermal forming setups and many other top production line equipments ensures the best in product quality for customers. Having around 100 active employees, everyone works diligently to provide the best in quality control, packaging, and assembly needs to provide timely deliveries for orders received.